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Swarm removal in Santa Clarita

First of all, don't panic. A swarm of honey bees hanging in a cluster will not hurt you. Swarms are not aggressive because they have no hive (comb with brood) to defend in this state. Swarms occur almost anywhere and are meeting & resting sites while the bees migrate to their new home. Swarms may stay on a swarming site for as little as 15 minutes or for several days or more. So when you see a swarm, keep in mind that they will not be on that site permanently. Swarms occur most often in mid to late Spring (April-June) and less frequent during the Summer. Please don't call an exterminator or a pest control service! They will only kill the bees! Our beekeeper will be more than happy to remove the swarm .Simply click the contact button for a quote.

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Africanized Bees

An established colony of Africanized bees (AHB’s) can be unpredictable. They will be defensive because their home is nearby. The reason they have been called “Killer Bees” is because many unfortunate incidents happened since they first entered the country. This is because they are much more defensive than their European relatives. They are more easily agitated; more of them will join the fight to defend their nest, and they will also pursue a predator longer and farther. They are simply more temperamental, but are not outwardly aggressive without provocation. These traits are genetically inherited and as such AHB’s are not good for beekeeping in urban areas. Remember, these traits have been developed and passed down over thousands of years from their ancestors that had to survive other predators and environmental factors in Africa.

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