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Swarm removal in Santa Clarita

First of all, don't panic. A swarm of honey bees hanging in a cluster will not hurt you. Swarms are not aggressive because they have no hive (comb with brood) to defend in this state. Swarms occur almost anywhere and are meeting & resting sites while the bees migrate to their new home. Swarms may stay on a swarming site for as little as 15 minutes or for several days or more. So when you see a swarm, keep in mind that they will not be on that site permanently. Swarms occur most often in mid to late Spring (April-June) and less frequent during the Summer. Please don't call an exterminator or a pest control service! They will only kill the bees! Our beekeeper will be more than happy to remove the swarm .Simply click the contact button for a quote.

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